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The purpose of this program is to provide trained firefighters, who are attending classes at Onondaga Community College or other local institute of higher education, the opportunity to recieve volunteer, on-the-job training by providing daytime emergency response to the Onondaga Hill Fire Protection District and surrounding areas. Current call volume is approximately 1,000 alarms annually.

Program Requirements:
  • Applicants must complete OHFD Student Emergency Response Program Application

  • Applicants shall be 18 years of age.

  • Applicants shall be a current member in good standing, of a bonafide fire department within New York State.

  • Applicants shall be certified as a New York State or NFPA Level I Fire Fighter (Proof of certification required).

  • Written authorization from the Fire Chief of the applicant's home department authorizing the applicant to participate in the Onondaga Hill Fire Department Student Emergency Response Program as a volunteer mutual aid rider.

  • Proof of current OSHA fire fighter physical and certification for use of S.C.B.A. is required.

  • Applicants shall be a current student in good standing with the Onondaga Community College, Syracuse University, LeMoyne College, or other Institure of Higher Education.

  • Emergency Medical Technician certification preferred.

Duties and Other Details:
  • Successful applicants will be given the opportunity to participate in 12 hour on-duty shifts at the Onondaga Hill Fire Department.

  • While on-duty, program participants will be required to respond to fire and medical emergencies as well as attend training exercises as directed by the on-duty fire officer.

  • After being properly trained, participants will be required to demonstrate skills in accordance with OHFD "Qualification Performance Standards" (QPS).

  • Participants are encouraged to attend additional OHFD training which is currently held on Monday nights at 1900 hours.

  • Successful candidates will be allowed and encouraged to sign-up for subsequent formal and informal duty shifts at the discretion of both the student and OHFD officials.

  • Participants are requested to provide complete and approved Personal Protective Equipment from their home department. SCBA will be providied by OHFD (There may be a limited supply of PPE available to those who are unable to procure all required equipment.)

  • Program participants are allowed the use of all amenities of the fire station, including internet, copy machine, wash bay, weight room, game room, and kitchen.


***If it is determined that the student is not able to meet OHFD "Quality Performance Standards", or that the student's involvement is not beneficial to either the student and/or the OHFD, either party may opt to end the program participation at anytime.***

Want to Apply? Fill out the form below to start the process.

In the form below in the message area please include:


  • Home Department name, address, phone number.

  • Your current fire chief's phone number

  • Any fire, rescue, or EMS certificates/training

  • Your age and D.O.B.

  • The type of S.C.B.A. your home department uses and your size face piece (mask).


A representative for the Onondaga Hill Fire Department will recieve and process your interest request and contact you in the near future. Thank you for your interest in the Onondaga Hill Fire Department.



Success! Message received.

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